Veterans Ceremony - Union Grove Cemetery, Inc.
Harshaw, WI
 "A Tribute to All"

Our Mission
The purpose of the Veterans Ceremony is to provide each attendee a memorable experience created from a collaboration of exceptional participants, that honors all aspects of America's past military involvements.
We strive to provide the emotional backdrop of Memorial Day against which attendees hailing from across this country can reflect on the lives of their past loved ones.
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 A Special Purpose
Educating our younger attendees about this nation's history concerning its veterans and their contributions is of utmost importance to our organization. For a country that forgets it's past  -                                  Cannot Survive!
      Adventures in Spirit- Creative Ministry, performing, -                                      "An Honor To Serve"
Girl Scout Troop  7091
New National Veterans Burial Ground In Cassian Township ​​​

In August of 2012, the Veterans Ceremony - U.G.C. made an inquiry to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in regards to their new program  "VA Expanding Burial
Options in Rural Areas"

The township of Cassian's Board members was contacted to see if this is something that they would be interested in doing. The Board agreed unanimously, and the process began, putting officials together, and as of October 2015 the new "National Veterans Burial Ground"  has been established in Cassian, (Harshaw) across from the Veterans Memorial in Union Grove Cemetery.  Construction phase pending...

This  National Veterans Burial Ground will serve over 24300  veterans in the northern regional service area.

Veterans Ceremony-U.G.C. members are very proud in initiating this very important addition to the northwoods of Wisconsin for it's veterans and family.
Update: May 8th, 2019
The current status of the new cemetery is:    Construction to resume, for a late spring or summer

For information about this and all National cemeteries, including the pre-determination form,
Go to the National Cemetery Administration's website: WWW.CEM.VA.GOV

Veterans Ceremony Support

                    We are in need of volunteers to fill these specific area's.

                                          -  Consisting of creating posters/fliers for fundraising
                                          -  Brochures, etc.
                                          -  Creating programs for the ceremony
                                          -  Generating news releases, PSA's, radio/TV, etc.
                                          -  All advertising essential for Veterans Ceremony

                     Fundraiser Support:
                                          -  Help / participate in running various events

                                          -  Veterans memorial Ceremony
                                          -  Veterans Tribute 5K Walk / Run

                      If interested in volunteering  in any of these areas,
                      Go to the contact page, and e-mail or call, Craig or Rick.